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Fixed Candles Shipped To You!

We are now shipping candles to anywhere in the US. They will be dressed with oils and herbs for your specific intention and shipped out to you in a medium USPS flat rate box. ($14.35)

We can fit 1-4 fixed candles into one box. To purchase your candles, select the amount of candles you are purchasing below. After payment please go to the "Contact Us" page and notify us which candle(s) you are purchasing. Please be sure to include full names and birthdates so this can be added to your candle.

Herbs will be sent in a small ziplock bag with your candle due to handing during shipment.

Instructions will be sent along with your order.

Candles will be shipped out within 1 - 3 business days of payment.

At this time we are not shipping out candles

 Due to COVID we are not shipping out candles at this time. We can burn a candle here for you at the shop. Thank you

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Choose Your Candles

 Check out our large varity of candles to choose from. Click on which type of candle you are looking for below to see your options. Once you have made your decision, go to the "Contact Us" page and let us know what 1 -4 candles you are purchasing. Please be sure to send us your full name and birth date to be added to your candles.

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Money / Career / Success Work

Jinx Removing / Reversal / Removal Work


Just Judge / Court Case

Health / Happiness / Home

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