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Health ~ Happiness ~ Home

These candles are dressed to help bring in healing for your body, innerself and mind.

They clear out negativity, bring peace to your home or work and bring in loving healing energy to almost any situation with these candles.

If you are looking to add these candles to any other candle work, go to the bottom of the page for our multiple candle discount. Please message us to let us know which candles you are wanting to purchase. If you are unsure, Shelly can select the perfect candles for your situation. 


Heal your body, mind and soul with this Healing candle. This can be dressed to help with health issues, anxiety and stress. This can be done for you or for a family member.

Sage Candle

Cleanse your space of negativity and raise the vibration. This will remove negative energy from yourself or space. Finally, this candle will allow you to remove unwanted energy around you and bring in peaceful and loving energy. 

Peaceful Home

Do you feel there is constant chaos in your home? This candle is used to bring peace and tranquility into the home. It calms fighting and creates a peaceful atmosphere.

Personal Power

This candle will be dressed with a specific color candle to your situation. It will be dressed and blessed to build your own personal power to achive all your goals with ease.

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