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Psychic Readings at Illuminate Your Spirit

A psychic reading can help you:

  • Receive guidance to what is weighing heavy on your mind

  • Get a deeper look into the situation

  • Receive guidance about your love life and what direction it is taking

  • See what you can look forward to & what to watch out for

  • Receive loving and supportive guidance from your spirit guides and passed loved ones

  • Turn your life around and move toward the path you are meant to be on

Meet Our Psychic Readers

Let Spirit Help Illuminate Your Life


Psychic Reader, Intuitive Counselor

Sue is an intuitive reader with over 25 years experience. Her use of crystals, stones and cards, will give you a unique, spirit guided reading. Her straight forward approach will help to guide you in the right direction and will show you what you need to know.


Psychic/Medium Reader

Teri is a Wiccan High Priestess and Psychic Medium. She has taught many subjects such as tarot, Neo-Paganism, Wicca and Kabbalah.

She learned the art of tarot reading 20+ yeas ago. She also provides psychometry, animal totem / spirit, and dream interpretation readings.

Her honest and focused readings will show you exactly what you need to know. If you want a no holds barred reader, she is the one for you. Teri has recently added Astrological Birth Charts to her repertoire of offered services.


Libby has many years of expierence in reading tarot. She is a psychic medium and is able to channel loved ones in spirit. She is very intuitive and is able to help guide you on your path. She has knowledge in palm readings as well. She is able to easily tap into spirit to bring you the guidane you are looking for. Her extremely accurate readings will help you bring light to any situation.


Harper is a psychic medium who ueses her inution to guide her clients down the path they are meant to take. Her ability to hear Spirit and connect with the divine, she is able to help her clients in all areas of their life. She uses tarot as a tool to connect with Spirit. Her compassion and ability to hear what her cleints need to know helps them to get back on track, and helps them to know what is coming. 

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