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Illuminate Your Spirit's Location & History

Illuminate Your Spirit is located on the Northwest side of the intersection of Farmington Road and Five Mile Road. The other half of the building is Art 101. Parking is available on either side of the property.


Our address is: 15373 Farmington Road, Livonia, MI 48154

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In April 2011, Illuminate Your Spirit opened its doors. Our mission was to help those in need on their path in life.

No matter the situation, we knew our little shop was needed. Before I opened, I had the "if you build it, they will come" idea and that's exactly what happened. 

Illuminate Your Spirit was initially located in Plymouth, Michigan. At the time, this was the best location for the shop, just two doors down from a well-known metaphysical store, so it was perfect! With one reading room, one reiki room, and a few items to sell, we started with 450 square feet of space. It wasn't much, but it grew quickly. Illuminate Your Spirit's focus was on psychic readings and reiki. I soon realized that we needed to add to our inventory, which meant the shop needed more space.

After about a year, I had to expand! An additional two reading rooms and a separate reiki room. Purchasing more inventory was next on the list. I was also adding to our amazing team of psychic readers. When our psychics go through the hiring process, it includes a conversation about their background and training, a demonstration of their abilities, and their capability to show compassion in a reading. I have been so blessed to have some of the best readers in the industry working for me. I am so confident in our psychic readers that if you are not happy with your reading, you are not paying for it. 

Illuminate Your Spirit was off to an amazing start! A lot of changes happened but they were all for the better. 

It was very rewarding to see how much things were changing. It was even better meeting some of the most wonderful people, who have been with Illuminate Your Spirit almost right from the beginning. However, Illuminate Your Spirit wasn't done yet! A new chapter was getting ready to start.


It all started at a party I did for a client. I had no idea that the party would change my life and bring me a person who would become very special to me. I affectionately called her my “workwife”, LOL.

In 2014, donna came to work for me. Her love of ghost hunting and all things metaphysical was a match made in heaven. Therefore, it was an absolute no-brainer for her to be my business partner later that year. With her experience, the business gre even more, adding more inventory, advertising, and events. With the needs of my family growing in demand at the time, this allowed me to step back a bit and let Donna take the reins of the business. She took a successful and growing business and made it even better. With her time and energy, she led us to another new chapter for Illuminate Your Spirit.


It was on to bigger and better! In June of 2017, Illuminate Your Spirit moved from Plymouth to beautiful Livonia. With a much bigger retail space, onsite parking, private reading rooms (with doors!!! LOL) and a bigger reiki / class room, we were excited and ready for our next chapter. Our faithful clients love the new shop as much as we do. We have been adding more inventory and have an absolutely amazing group of psychic readers and reiki practitioners.

2020 brought another change. Donna left the business in March of 2020. Her contribution to Illuminate Your Spirit has made a lasting impact. Our entire staff wishes her the best in her retirement.

As we continue on without her, I am reminded of how grateful I am to everyone who has helped this business become what it is today. From all of the psychics who have worked for us, to all of the clients that we have assisted with psychic readings, reiki, classes or purchasing products. We look forward to the rest of our journey. 

Thank your for bringing us along with you!

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