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Energy Healing at Illuminate Your Spirit

Energy Healing can help you:

  • To promote overall health: physical, emotional, and spiritual

  • To gain balance, peace, and happiness ♡ 



Reiki Master and Teacher

Certified Reiki Master/Instructor in Non-Traditional Usui Reiki

Certified Intuitive Practitioner(™)

Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology


Sheri’s life mission is to help people; and to be the vehicle of healing physically, mentally, & spiritually. Her background includes over 25 years as a medical assistant, as well as attending numerous classes & workshops dedicated to the healing arts & spirituality. This allows her the ability to help people in a way that encompasses the whole person in a nurturing, relaxing, & loving environment.


Working directly with The Divine, Archangels, Ascended Masters, guides & other benevolent helpers, Sheri can channel healing on all levels, as well as receive messages that aid in the healing process.


Sheri also teaches Reiki and is available for group or private/individual lessons.


Available 2-7pm Tuesdays. Other days and times are available by request.


Here is an interesting video explaining more about reiki:

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