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Psychic Parties

Book a psychic party right here in Michigan for a fun way to celebrate any special occasion or event!


A card reader at any psychic party adds a fun twist that will leave your guests with something exciting to talk about.


A psychic party is great for:

  • Bachelorette parties

  • Wedding or baby showers

  • Birthday parties

  • Retirement parties

  • Girls' night out

Psychic Party at the Shop

*5 or less guests: Your party can be held during store hours.


*6 or more guests: Your party will be held after hours or on a Saturday or Sunday evening after we close.


*15 minute or 30 minute psychic readings will be available at shop prices.


*By request, the shop will provide pizza, pop, water & coffee. Must have a minimum of 6 guests.


*Each guest may purchase any merchandise in the shop at 15% off during the time of the party.

*6 or more guests: the Hostess gets her reading for free. (15 Min) or can get a 30 min reading for $20


*In store parties must be booked within a minimum of 1 week notice.

In Home Psychic Party -
Package 1

This is a super fun way to have a fun night with your friends and family. You can also get a free reading too.


Your guests can choose a 15 minute reading or a 30 minute reading. They will pay the reader directly.


15 min readings $40

30 min readings $60

(Cash Only)


Minimum of 4 guests plus the hostess. Over 5 guests, the hostess receives a free 20 minute read (or $20 for 30 min).


If more than 8 guests a second reader will be sent.

Psychic Party - Package 2

This package is perfect for events and when the hostess does not want their guests to pay for their readings.


The number of guests and the amount of time will determine the length of the readings.


$225 for the first 2 hours per psychic.


$100 for each additional hour per psychic



** There is a 2hour minimum

Additional things to know about your Psychic Party:

*There is a $35 travel fee for all parties that take place outside of these cities:




Garden City



The travel fee will be paid directly to your reader.


*Please have a space available for each reader that is away from the other guests.


*Your reader will need a table and two chairs. If you need us to bring a table please let us know.


*If more than one reader is needed, please keep one reading to each guest so that everyone gets a reading.

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