Money, Career and Success Work

Money is one of the easiest things to manifest! It is just out there waiting for you to call it in. Each candle will be dressed to your specific intention. Money candles even have

real shredded money dressed with them.

If you are looking for

luck, a better job, more money or to just be successful in your endevors,

any of these candles will work great for you!

If you are looking to purchase more then one candle, go to the bottom of the page and purchase either the "Two Candle Option" or the "Three Candle Option". When emailing your info please be sure to specify which candles you are wanting. If unsure, Shelly will select the perfect candles for your situation. 

Road Opener

Clear the path WIDE OPEN for financial success and dreams to come true. This candle will open the road for you to achieve your goals. This candle can be used in money / career work and for love. Pair this with any candle to open the road for success.

Block Buster 

Do you feel that you are faced with block after block? Do you see obstacles in your path to reaching your goals? Block Buster work is perfect for relationships, work and money. This is a great candle to use prior to using Road Opener. Remove blocks and obsticles from your path with Block Buster candle work.

Crown of Glory 

Are you needing to be successful or victorious? Crown of Glory is used to bring in victory and success in money, school, work, or what ever endevor you are going for!

High John the Conquer

Conquer anything you set out to do with John the Conqueror. Get that perfect job or promotion, accomplish goals, and so much more! This candle will be dressed for your specific intention.

Money Drawing

Your candle will be dressed for money, success and road openers. We can all use a good Rain of Money in our lives! If you work for yourself, or you are needing a large flow of money to come in for you, this jar can make it rain!

Fast Money Blessing 

Do you need money and a lot of it quickly? Put the Indian Spirit to work and bring in the cash!

Bayberry Money Candle 

Are you in need to money in your pocket? This candle that is used to create abundance in your life, bring in the money to your home or business and bring in the flow with this candle work. $$$

Green Money Attraction jar  

Use this candle to attract money and opportunites to you. Use it to bring in customers to your business or money from other sources. This can also be used to attract the perfect job or home. Anything that you are looking for, this can help attract it right to you!

Job Jar

Wanting a new job or a better work environment? This candle can bring that in for you! Dressed to make your work life better or to attract the perfect job to you.

Better Business

Are you a business owner or salesperson? Are you needing money to come in fast and easily to your business? This candle will be dressed to help bring in a fast flow of cash and business your way. With attraction, success and other money herbs and oils you can't go wrong with this jar.

Bring Customers Jar 

Do you own a business, work in sales or have a direct sales business? This candle will be dressed to attract paying customers to your business.

Master Key 

Unlock your full potential and master any situation or endeavor.

The Easy Life

When life gets you down, turn it around! This candle helps to make life easier and happier. Use this candle to attract "The Good Life," health, wealth, blessings and happiness.

King Salomon

Unlock your full potential with King Solomon. This candle is used for study- to excel in school, bring focus and knowledge.

Lucky 7 Layer Jar

Lucky jars are used to bring in luck and blessings in all areas of your life. Dressed to for luck in money, love, postive energy,compassion, personal power and blessings. Change your luck for the better!

Camaleon Lucky Jar

Are you feeling like you need better luck when it comes to love or money? This candle will be dressed to change your luck for the better!

Lucky Lot​tery

Make your wish come true. This candle helps boost your luck to win big when playing the lottery.

Casino~ Lucky Gambler ​

Are you feeling like you need better luck when it comes to love or money? This candle will be dressed to change your luck for the better!