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Candle Work FAQ

1. Why would I want to do spell work?

Spell work is used to raise the vibration of the situation. It takes some of the pressure off of you and allows your guides and angels to handle what you are asking for. Prayers and a lot of energy are put into your candle work. Shelly will also work your candle if needed by helping bring about the desired outcome. She will do this by adding additional candles to help boost the energy and will help keep the flame going.

2. How do I pay for my spell work?

You can come into the shop, pay over the phone or pay here on our website.

If you are needing to purchase more then one candle at a time, please select the 2 candle or 3 candle option for discount pricing.

If you are purchasing over the website please be sure to email us and send us your email address, your full name and your date of birth. We will also need a brief description of the situation and what are you looking to manifest.

3. How long will it take for my spell to work, or how long will my candle burn?

Every situation is different. A lot will depend on how your candle is burning. The way the candle burns will show us what to expect and how things will flow. During your service, if Shelly sees that there are potential obstacles, more work may be needed. You will be notified during your spell work if additional work is needed and when. Most clients report seeing results after a few days to a week, but it can take up to a month or so, so be patient.

We do not let our candles burn at night. This intention is always put into the candle work. The candles are all snuffed out, not blown out. This allows us to pick up right where we left off in the morning. Because of this, it may take your candle a few more days to burn.

The length of time a candle burns also depends a lot on the energy or if there are any blocks or resistance. 5-day jar candles will obviously burn longer than a pillar or figure candle. After your consultation, Shelly will let Spirit direct her to the type of candle needed for your spell work.

4. Can I do more than one spell at a time?

Yes, you can. Some situations require us to do up to three candles at a time. You cannot use one spell candle to do multiple things. If you are looking to manifest love AND money, then two candles will need to be done.

5. What if I have questions during my spell work?

Please feel free to email us with questions. Please do not call the shop. Your email will be answered within 24-48 hours.

6. Should I get a reading while my candle is burning?

We have amazing psychic readers who are able to help you on your path. Getting a psychic reading is a great way to get clarity and guidance. It may also help to direct you on how you would like your spell work to go. Getting a reading before, during or after is a great idea. If you live out of state or are unable to come in, we can do your reading for you over the phone. Check out Services at Illuminate Your Spirit for more information and prices.

7. When will my candle be dressed and lit?

Reports are sent out within 2 weeks after your candle is done. Photos and emails are sent to show you the candle has been done. You can expect an email regarding your candle work progress while it is burning. You will also receive an email telling you when your work is done.

8. Will my spell work?

Well, this is definitely the plan. When Shelly is dressing your candle, she infuses your energy and outcome into it. Specific herbs and oils are used and most times gemstones are added to increase the energy. A lot of prayers and energy go into your work and the best possible outcome for you is asked for. If a spell does not seem to be working, then there are other forces that are working against you. In love work, free will is always present. Spell work is used to enhance the energy, remove blocks and get things moving quicker. Spell work is performed to raise the vibration and to send your wish out to the universe where it can be delivered back to you. If you are fearful, doubtful or negative it will not work. You must have trust and put out positive thoughts. Listen to your intuition and do your best to be in a mindset of gratitude, knowing that what you have asked for will come to you for your highest good.

9. What should I do while my candle is burning?

The best thing for you to do is relax and trust. Do something positive for yourself and know that the universe is working in your favor.

10. I am so mad at a certain person and I want them to pay! What should I do?

Shelly will not harm anyone or hex anyone. Shelly works only in the light and will not do harm to another. You will need to trust that karma will take care of it. However, Shelly can do work to help release this anger and pain from you to remove the negative and replace it with something positive. Reversal work is also an option. If someone is going out of their way to harm you, she can do reversal work to send it back to them. She can also do Shut Up work to help someone stop talking or being nasty to you. Just remember that everything is done in love and light and energy work will be done for forgiveness and positive energy. Separation work for a relationship is only done when someone is stepping out of their relationship and you are dealing with someone who is cheating on you. Shelly will not break up a marriage or a relationship that you are the third party in.

*Please know that depending on how your candle burns you may need to do additional spell work to remove obstacles or blocks.*

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