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Our Calendar

Times on the calendar indicate when readers start their shift. Click on a reader's name and see when they will be available for psychic readings.

Reiki Hours:

Sheri is available Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:30 a.m. – 8 p.m., and other days/times by request.

Call the shop at 734-469-2091 to book your appointment.

Our Calendar

Private Reiki Lessons with Reiki Master Sheri

Want to become certified in Reiki, but every time a class comes around it's either booked or happens when you can't make it?

Well have no worries! Sheri is now offering private Reiki certification and attunement classes.

This is a one-on-one lesson from Reiki I all the way to Reiki Master/Teacher level.

Reiki Level I $140

Reiki Level II $175

Reiki Level III $250

Reiki Master / Teacher Level $385

There is a $10 material fee for each class.

Please call the shop for more information



Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.

Every Monday Night

Monday Night Meditations

Coming soon!

Starting back up Monday June 4th


$20per person



Learning the Tarot with Teri

Join us to explore the world of tarot 

Learn how to read the tarot. The first week will be on the Major Arcana and the Fool's journey. The second week will be about number cards, suits and court cards.

Learn how to read tarot for yourself and get a better uunderstanding of the cards, meanings and flow of reading cards.

$50 per person for both classes

Call the shop to reserve your spot! 734-469-2091

Intuition Class with Sue

Intuition Class



Intuition Class with Sue

Do you want to learn how to use your intution in many different ways?
This is a weekly class that will be heald on Mondays 11-12:30 and Wednesday 6:00-7:30.
(You will only meet once a week.. You can do either Monday or Wednesday)
This is a very intailed calss that covers everything you need to know about using your intuition, being psychic and how mediumship works.

Starts Monday June 5th and Wednesday June 7th

$75 per week for the class 
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