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Just Judge ~ Court Case Work

Just Judge work is used to get someone to be fair to you and be on yourside. This can be a boss, loan officer, a judge or even an ex. Sweeteners are used along with specific herbs and oils to sweeten someone up to you.

Court Case work is done to help keep the law on your side, and have things ruled in your favor. The law is the law, but it doesn't hurt to give your situation a little push to help keep things moving and working towards your desired outcome.

Court Case

Are you having legal issues and you need the judge to be on your side? We can't change the law, but we can hopefully make it so everyone plays fair. This is great for divorce cases, family law, and other legal issues.

Just Judge

Are you needing someone to be fair to you? Do you need a loan officer or boss to be on your side? Just Judge is the perfect answer.

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