Jinx Removing / Reversing Work / Removal Work

These candles are used for special situations. Are you feeling like you have been dealing with a lot of bad luck? Are you dealing or feel like someone is out to get you? Do you need someone removed from a situation? We can clear out the negative, reverse things back to where they came from and help change life for the better.

If you are looking to purchase more then one candle, go to the bottom of the page and purchase either the "Two Candle Option" or the "Three Candle Option". When emailing your info please be sure to specify which candles you are wanting. If unsure, Shelly will select the perfect candles for your situation. 

Hot Foot Jar

Are you dealing with a horrible neighbor, co-worker, roommate or someone who is just an all around horrible person? Is someone coming around your lover and you need them to get the heck out of your life? Hot Foot them right out! This candle is dressed to remove enemies and clear them away from you.

Go Away Evil

Go Away Evil is used when you have a very negative person around and they need to go now! Is it an Ex? A horrible neighbor? Someone trying to interfere in your relationship? If you feel that someone around you does not have good intentions for you, this candle can be used to remove them and anything that they may be trying to do to you. 

Run Devil Run

Use Run Devil Run to remove evil-spirited people away from you along with being able to stop their negative gossip and lies. You can use this for one specific person or for a group of people. This candle work will trip them up and make them stop!

Against Envy

Do you feel that someone around you is very jealous of you? This candle is used to block negative energy created by an overly envious person. This will break up any negative energy that they may be throwing your way due to their envy over you.

Shut The bleep Up! 

Is someone talking bad about you or your business? Are they spreading gossip about you or just have nothing nice to say? This candle will be dressed to shut that person up! This can also be used with a Break-up jar to stop two people from talking.

Break Up Jar

Is your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend cheating? Is your child in a dangerous or abusive relationship? This candle will be dressed to break up a pair of lovers. *Please contact us prior to ordering this work to ensure Shelly will take on your case.

Jinx Remover

Sometimes we feel like nothing is going our way. Are you having crazy relationship problems? Trouble at work? Weird money issues? Clear out the negative vibes and unjinx yourself.

**When using this candle it is highly recomended to do positve candle work afterwards to fill that void with something good! 7 Layer Lucky Jar is a good filler. 

Uncrossing Jar

Unlock the luck! This candle is used when someone has crossed you, when you need a jinx broken or to put an end to a bout of bad luck. It provides protection from evil and brings peace.

**When using this candle it is highly recomended to do positve candle work afterwards to fill that void with something good! 7 Layer Lucky Jar is a good filler.

Spell Breaker

Do you feel that someone is working black magick against you or your relationship? This candle is used to break up any spell work that you feel has been used against you and is also used for protection.

Evil Eye Jar

Are you in need of protection for yourself, your home or your family? Whenever someone talks bad about you, or looks at you wrong, this is said to give you the "Evil Eye." Protect yourself against negative energy with this candle and ward off evil.

Red / Black Reversing

Reverse your luck in love! This candle is used to reverse bad luck in love and relationships. It could also be used if someone is doing negative things to hurt a relationship.

Red / Black Reversing

Out with the bad and in with the good! Reverse bad luck, clear out negativity and bring in blessings.

Black / Green Reversing jar

Is someone causing harm to you financially or your business? Use this candle to reverse bad luck in finances or if someone is attempting to hurt your business, livelihood or money situation.