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Candle Burning Service
Spellwork done for you!

Do you have a specific goal you want to manifest and are unsure how to do the candle work to achieve it? Do you not have space in your home or need a candle done in private? Illuminate Your Spirit offers personal candle dressings. Your candle will be dressed with specific oils and herbs, then blessed and burned on our altar. The work is done for you; all you have to do is sit back and watch the blessing come in.

We strive to find the best way to manifest our clients' goals. We've found that jars give more focused intent with a longer burn time to help

these goals become reality.

Candles are dressed with specific herbs and oils to increase their power. Your candle will be prayed upon to send your intention out to the universe to manifest. Once your candle has finished burning, you will receive an emailed report.

Your report will include:

* Picture of your finished candle

* Information on how your candle burned and what that means for your intention

* Information on any signs or images on your jar and what that means for your spell and situation


Shelly will work your candle and flame to ensure you have the best burn for the best possible outcome. The better the burn, the better the result.


1 Candle Spell $30 with a report

2 Candle Spells $55 with a report

3 Candle Spells $85 with a report

We Have Candles For Every Need!

We offer over 60 different candles to choose from. No matter what your situation is, we have a candle for that!

Click on the links below to be taken to your specific situation to order your candle(s).

Work With Saints

Just Judge / Court Case

Love / Relationship Work

Health / Happiness / Home

Jinx Removing / Reversal / Removal Work

Money / Career / Success Work

What To Do After You Have Selected Your Candles

After purchasing your candle(s) you must email Shelly at and send your full name and birthdate along with a short paragraph of your petition of what you want to manifest. In your petition, be very specific about what you want to come to you. She will also need a photo of you and if this work is regarding someone else, their picture as well (and full name and birthdate).

***Work cannot be started without this information***

Please Note:

Some situations require more than one candle.


Spellwork may need to be done before your desired intention to remove blocks or more work may need to be done depending on how your first candle burned.

Most clients purchase 2–3 spells.

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