Ghost Hunting Events

Join Red Raven Paranormal and Illuminate Your Spirit for an evening of ghost hunting at known haunted locations.

You will be able to use the equipment that the ghost hunters you see on TV use. A psychic medium will also be present during the investigation to relay messages from the spirits at the location. 

Tickets are available at Illuminate Your Spirit. 

Call us at 734-469-2091 to purchase over the phone or come in and see us. 

Upcoming Ghost Hunts

Join us in Allegan Michigan for our October ghost hunt.

Saturday October 28th 5:00 PM - 2:00 AM

$55 per person

This is for a double investigation

*First you will join our paranormal investigators at the Historic Allegan Inn.

We will gather in the sitting room where we will discuss the history and share with you our previous findings at the inn.

*A psychic medium will be there to treat you to a short, 3 card tarot reading.

This will be followed by a short, guided invesgtigation at the inn.

*Food and beveergaes (non-alcohol) will be provided

*Use of ghost hunting equipment-REM pod, parascope, dowsing rods, and more. Please feel free to bring your oun equipment as well. You will want to bring your own voice recorder, camera and flashlight.

As darkness falls on the Inn, we will gather our belongings and head to the Old Allegan County Jail/Museum where we will start the 2nd part of the investigation. There will be a short, guided historical tour, then we wil begin our investigation for the night form 9PM - 2AM.

Tickets are available at Illuminate Your Spirit . You can purchase your tickets in person or by phone.

Illuminate Your Spirit

15373 Farmington Rd

Livonia MI 48154


*Must be 18 or older

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