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Ghost Hunting Events

Join Red Raven Paranormal and Illuminate Your Spirit for an evening of ghost hunting at known haunted locations.

You will be able to use the equipment that the ghost hunters you see on TV use. A psychic medium will also be present during the investigation to relay messages from the spirits at the location. 

Tickets are available at Illuminate Your Spirit. 

Call us at 734-469-2091 to purchase over the phone or come in and see us. 

Upcoming Ghost Hunts

September 9th

Posttown Elementrary School in Middletown OH

Join us on Saturday September 9th for our next ghost hunt that is sure to leave you spooked.  

The land surrounding the school is haunted by a tragic train accident in which 30 lives were lost in 1910.

A lot of haunted activity has been reported at the school which was opened in 1937. The school is also haunted by Sarah, a young girl who lost her life when she fell from the 3rd floor. 

Time:  8:00 pm - 4:00 am

Cost:   $75 per person (tickets are non-refundable)

Snacks and drinks will be provided. 

Ghost hunting equipment will be provided for your use. We do recommend bringing your own camera, voice recorder and flashlight.

*Must be 18 years or older

Coming in October!

Kids ghost hunting events!

We know that kids like to ghost hunt just as much as us adults do!

So we are working at setting up two events in October for ages 12 and up.

Check back for more information.

Ghost hunt coming in October in Allegan MI

Join us for our investigation in Allegan MI. two locations will be instigated.

As soon as all the details are worked out we will post the information.